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Turn Off the Loud Air Conditioner: Replace it with a Quiet Cool House Fan

Air conditioners have many downsides, but the one that gets mentioned the least is actually one of the biggest ones: they’re loud. People just accept this loudness as part of the price of being cool, but this is not actually necessary. It’s easy to turn off the racket by installing a Quiet Cool whole house fan as an alternative to using your A/C.

A whole house fan is quiet because there is no condenser for it to run. The elimination of this machine gets rid of its noise, and this is obviously easier on your ears. Once you have a Quiet Cool house fan in place, your summers will no longer have a roaring noise as their incessant soundtrack. Instead, you’ll get to enjoys the sounds of life fro outside and fresh air streaming through your home!

Your power bills will also be lower when you have a Quiet Cool whole house fan put in. Whereas your A/C bill can as much as double in the hot summer months, you will not see an increase in your bill when using your Quiet Cool whole house fan.

The next time you hear that roaring noise kick on, think of all of the benefits you’ll gain by refusing to listen to it anymore. Then, contact your local Quiet Cool whole house fan dealer, coloradofanguy.com, and get a quote right away!

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