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A Whole House Fan is For You

Live a Cleaner, Cooler, Healthier Life

Air conditioning is costly to run, and cycling the same air through your house concentrates pollutants. Your QuietCool whole house fan brings a fresh, clean breeze inside, lowers your carbon footprint, and runs for a tenth of the cost! You can save 50-90% off of your AC usage when used effectively.


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Whole House Fan FAQs

1. What is a whole house fan?

A Whole House Fan is a system that uses outside air to lift the thermal heat mass (THM) of your home, naturally cooling your entire home.

1. What is a whole house fan?

A Whole House Fan is a system that uses outside air to lift the thermal heat mass (THM) of your home, naturally cooling your entire home.

2. How does it work?

You simply crack certain windows throughout your home. Then turn your fan on and feel the cool breeze move through, quickly removing heat from your home, including those hot upper rooms.

3. Does a Whole House Fan work in Colorado?

Absolutely! In Colorado, even in the middle of summer, the temperature is always cool in the mornings and evenings.

4. When should I run my Whole House Fan?

Anytime the outside temperature drops to your comfort level, your fan is usable. During the warmer months you always want to run your fan in the morning to clear the THM and cool your home for the day. Shut your home up as the temperature climbs, and your home will stay cool all day!

5. How much does it cost to run a Whole House Fan?

Literally, pennies! Unlike AC, you will not see any significant change in your electric bill.

6. What are the benefits of a Whole House Fan?

Of course, naturally cooling your home and also cleaning your environment. As the air moves through your home, it picks up viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen, toxins, odors and even pet dander & hair! If you have A/C, you will save significantly on your electrical bill.

7. Is there any maintenance required with a Whole House Fan?


8. Are Whole House Fans loud?

The name says it all, Quiet Cool! The fan is quieter than running a floor fan or a window AC unit. You will often forget it is on. You can run your fan while you are sleeping.

9. Do I need a dedicated circuit for my Whole House Fan?

No! The amp usage is so low that we simply wire your fan into an existing power source in the attic.

10. Can I use a Whole House Fan if I have air conditioning?

Of course! You will want to run your fan first to clear the THM then when you turn your AC on it will run more efficiently and less often. However, most people report that they rarely need to use their AC when properly using the fan. Your AC will turn on much later in the day and you will be able to turn it off sooner in the afternoon/evening to enjoy the cool outside air.

11. How much roof venting do I need?

Depending on the fan size, this will vary. We can assess your ventilation and determine ways to meet the warranty requirements as efficiently and inexpensively as possible.

12. How long will it take to cool down my house?

You will feel the difference immediately, however, the drop in temperature will be influenced by several factors such as outside temperature and humidity.

13. How long is the install?

Generally, it takes us 2 hours to complete the installation.

You can have clean and fresh air with a whole house fan by QuietCool.