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Why a Whole House Fan is a Great Alternative to AC

Why a Whole House Fan is a Great Alternative to AC

A whole house fan is a great alternative to AC. Let’s start with the benefits of a whole house fan.


  • SAVE 50-90% ON AC BILLS


AC Savings

Running a whole house fan in Colorado Springs and the Denver area is approximately 10% of the cost to run your AC. QuietCool Whole House Fan Systems are energy efficient and much quieter than the old-school Attic Fan that your grandparents had. With these AC savings, your ROI is 2-3 years. This is the best payback of any Green Energy product on the market today.

Extend the Life of AC System

It makes sense that because you will be running your AC 50-90% less, that you will decrease wear and tear on your system and extend its life by 50-90%. You will also experience a decrease in maintenance costs.

Instant Comfort

You will feel fresh clean air flowing through your home instantly when you crack a few strategically located windows and turn on the fan.

Balance Your Home

With a whole house fan, your second floor bedrooms will be the same temperature as rooms on the first floor. Also south and west facing rooms will cool down fast and be the same temperature as the rest of the home. Think about it … no more hot, sleepless nights as your AC tries to cool down the home. Your home’s temperature is balanced from top to bottom, east to west, and north to south because the thermal heat mass is removed from your home with the thermal mass cooling effect of the whole house fan.

Eliminate Odors

Closed up homes become stuffy. How many times have you come home and been overwhelmed by the odors? Bacon from the morning breakfast still lingers. The smell of that fish you ate last night is still in the air. Uncle Joe’s cigar smoke is even hanging around after two days. Many of us love our furry family members but they sometimes leave an odor. The whole house fan removes these odors by naturally venting your home. And in the process, you create a healthier environment for you, your family and your pets, which leads us to the next benefit.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

In addition to odors, a whole house fan cleans the air of bacteria, viruses (Including COVID), VOC gases, chemicals, pathogens, dust and more. Building codes have made homes tighter and much more energy efficient. But this process has also lead to poor indoor air quality. Health experts attribute an increase in respiratory diseases to poor indoor air quality. Read what the Environmental Protection Agency, World Health Organization, and American Lung Association have to say about the causes of poor indoor air quality today. Whole house fans are an economical way to ensure the health of your family!


What all of this adds up to is that the whole house fan is a green, eco-friendly way to take care of your cooling and air quality needs. Do you desire to reduce your carbon footprint while savings hundreds of dollars a year? A Whole house fan will help you to Live a Cooler, Cleaner, Healthier Life!

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioners just circulate the inside air and take much longer to cool your home than the thermal mass cooling of a whole house fan. Odors are not removed but recirculated. Second floor bedrooms are generally hotter than the first floor rooms. Running an AC costs 10x more than using a whole house fan. Indoor air quality is not improved with AC but it is exacerbated because pathogens, viruses, bacteria, etc. are not removed but keep building up over time. 

Eco Air Solutions of Colorado – Colorado Fan Guy

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